Hijama Therapy

Hijama Therapy

Hijama is an ancient therapy that involves the use of cups on the skin. It has been used for thousands of years and it consists of both wet and dry cupping. It has become more popular in recent times due to its curative effects, especially when it comes to chronic illnesses.

Hijama is a well-known procedure based on traditional medicine that is practiced in some countries, especially the Arab and Islamic countries, where it is called the “alternative medicine.” The procedure of Hijama therapy is to use certain points of the body to cure many diseases.

Also known as the vacuum method or cupping therapy, this method has been used since ancient times by people who believed in its great benefits and healing effects.


The most important advantages of hijama / cupping therapy:

  • It helps to increase blood circulation and oxygenation in body parts.
  • It helps reduce muscle pain.
  • It helps get rid of toxins and cell waste from the body through pores.
  • Helps control weight problems and appetite disorders.

How is Hijama Therapy Done?

In general, hijama therapy is a non-invasive procedure that involves applying vacuum cups to specific points on your body. The cups are usually made of glass or plastic, and they are applied either manually or mechanically with a device that creates suction.

The suction helps to enhance blood flow, improve circulation and remove toxic substances from your body. The cups can be left in place for up to 15 minutes before being removed and replaced with new ones.

Hijama therapy may be done with one cup or multiple cups depending on your particular condition and what type of treatment you’re seeking. For example, if you want relief from joint pain due to arthritis, then it may help to use two cups so that they can pull out more toxins from your body’s tissues at once.

The marks created by this process are visible for 1 to 2 weeks before they disappear completely.


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